Get your career Squared Away® today.   

Competitive Compensation

First Command offers a generous compensation package no matter where you are in the process of building your business.

Advisors entering the Fast Start Program receive a salary plus bonuses and deferred compensation.

Advisors who have transitioned to Independent Contractor status receive commissions, bonuses and the opportunity to earn performance-based rewards and recognition.

Comprehensive Training

Advisor development consists of formal and informal training using a variety of media and instructional environments such as:

Transition Program

  • 9-month paid launch program including base pay plus incentives
  • Local transition training for military servicemembers
  • 3-6 months pre-separation licensing and registration program
  • Personal mentors to lead local onboarding curriculum
  • VIP introduction to company


  • Daily coaching, assistance and support in local office
  • 9-day Professional Sales and Communication training course
  • 5-day Annual Advisor Conference built around reward and recognition

Career Advancement

  • Leadership opportunities at all levels
  • Distinct career path options