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We will be conducting onsite interviews on 12 May at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Crystal City, VA.

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First Command Financial Services highly values the work ethic, leadership skills and personal accountability forged in our nation’s military academies and in military service. Almost 70 percent of our Financial Advisors come from the ranks of veterans and military spouses, and 20 percent of those who served are academy graduates.

At First Command, you will have a place to put your passion for service to work while receiving training and support to launch a career and grow a business, generous rewards to build your personal financial security and the opportunity to advance your career in leadership positions across the company.

Andrew Vasquez

Andrew Vasquez

“I became a First Command Advisor because I appreciated First Command’s family-focus as an organization. During the interview process, not only did I feel like they had a genuine interest in helping American families, and in particular servicemember’s families, succeed financially, but I also felt they truly cared about my family and my success as an individual. Furthermore, First Command has provided all of the training, coaching, support and resources I need to succeed. Finally, they offered me an opportunity to build a business in an entrepreneurial setting, which is something I have had a desire to do my whole life.” — Andrew Vasquez, United States Air Force Academy, Class of 2007, Tampa, FL | Financial Advisor

Ernesto Hernandez

Ernesto Hernandez

“The best part of my military career was mentoring junior leaders and encouraging them to reach their professional goals. First Command affords me the opportunity to continue mentoring in a financial setting with clients. The opportunity to serve in a leadership role, drive the success of my own business and motivate others to reach their goals makes First Command the right fit for me and my family.” — Ernesto Hernandez, United States Military Academy, Class of 1997, Killeen, TX | Financial Advisor

Carol Hoffman

Carol Hoffman

“My husband and I have been First Command Clients for 30 years. I became a First Command Financial Advisor so I could ‘pay it forward.’ After serving 27 years in the Navy, being a First Command Advisor allows me to continue to serve our nation’s military by coaching those who serve in their pursuit of financial security.” — Carol Hoffman, USNA 1980, Silverdale, WA | Financial Advisor

Matt Wineriter

Matt Wineriter

“No employer can ever afford to pay their top employees for the value they bring. The only way to find out what you’re really worth, is to work for yourself. First Command gives you that opportunity — to be that employer and to both create and earn the value that only you know you’re worth.” — Matt Wineriter, USMA 1995, Newport, RI | District Advisor

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